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    Default Give your opinion on Amazonia Premium

    Award Winning Design, Certified ORGANIC Source, Eco-Friendly Product

    Presently available in all Florida Wholefoods stores.


    This water comes from the most exquisite water-filter in the world, The Brazilian Rain Forest! There is nothing you distribute that compares.

    Internationally Certified Organic Source, NSF approval, donations to preserve the rainforest off-setting Carbon emissions, and excellent margins.

    Isnt this the product you should be distributing? We are pleased in being able to provide you with our excellent Eco-friendly and NSF certified products. We donate to preserve the endangered Amazon Rain Forest and reduce Global Warming. Help us! Please contact our staff with your interest and questions for further discussion. Looking forward to a long and lucrative relationship as we flourish together.

    We value your comments and hope that you will share with us your thoughts. Thank you for your interest in Amazon Springs Products. You can visit us online by searching for

    Presently available in all Florida Wholefoods stores.

    Amazon Springs Support Team
    800-906-5882 (office/fax)

    Live Green! Think Organic! Drink Amazonia Premium!

    Taste the Difference and Help Us Reduce Global Warming!

    Thank you for contacting the Amazon Springs Company!

    Sales Dept:

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    I have a question....

    How can you say you are trying to help the rainforest when you are so blantaly stripping the very said rain forest(of Brazil) of its own natural resources? Then , you transport that very same water 1000's of miles, most likely via trucks and ship, and again trucks, producing noxious greenhouse gases?
    And while I am at it what the hell is a carbon offset? You buy, aka as paying a tax to pollute, credits so you can feel good about the emissions you spew and resources you use. NEWS Flash...CARBON CREDITS are bogus! It is just another tax, but voluntary.
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!

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    I would LOVE to distribute your magic Amazon water!!! Please contact me RIGHT AWAY!!!!!

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    Default wow Greg, you seem to the social butterfly....

    Hey Greg, lets address some of your concerns which you've presented so brilliantly. It is always interesting that I never see this complaint launched against sugar and chemical loaded soft drinks, beer, cigarettes, etc which are all shipped 24-hours a day and have ZERO health benefit. We offer a product which has excellent taste, excellent health benefits, employs local communities and preserves rainforest.

    1. all waters are not created equal (just check our mineral & pH balance).
    2. our award winning taste makes a difference too.
    3. tap water is very suspect at best and often has an acidic pH balance (how many boil advisories do we all receive each year as well as reports on the chemicals found in tap water). I guess you prefer the highly chlorinated tap water (bleach)
    4. with over 6 feet of annual rainfall in the rainforest it has been determined there is no way to deplete the continually recharged aquifer.
    5. we received the Eco-Social certification because we employ local communities that live in the rainforest and we pay a higher than typical Brazilian wage.
    6. we donate back to preserve the rainforest that is being depleted by loggers and land developers, etc.

    What it comes down too Greg is that water is the most essential thing to life and since we are 75% water I for one want the best of it in me. So, until tap water quality and essential minerals can compare I like so many others will stick to artesian water.

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    Nice rebuttal, however, your premise, although it may be sound is not valid to this discussion. I never once said anything about the companies that produce sugary drinks or those products produced with chemicals. I was only asking questions in regard to your product and your company, considering that you use such strong languauge in your marketing efforts.
    Taste doesn't matter to me in this discussion nor does PH balance/levels matter to me in this discussion, what does concern me is your own points that we should "Live Green! Think Organic!" and "Help Us Reduce Global Warming!"
    My statements are based on the fact that you are espousing the "Living Green" and "Organic" lifestyle by bottling a natural resource of a given community and then shipping it outside that community, thereby not living "green" nor living "organic".
    I have no problem with a supposed "Global Warming" statement put out by your company because in all honesty I think the Global Warming argument is somewhat on the same level as the abortion issue, either you believe in it or you dont. However, with that being said, if you do make statements in the belief of Global Warming and then do things that are contradictory to the premise of those beliefs then I must say something about it.
    Taking a bottled water from its natural point of origin, S. America, and then transporting it 1000's of miles away, to N. America, is to me, counterintuitive to the argument of being "green" and "reducing global warming". It doesn't add up.
    Now to back up a bit I will say that if a soda company, cigarette company, alcohol company, etc made statements similar to yours I would have the same reaction. Those companies may seek ways to be cleaner and greener, which is fine, but I have never seen them make assertions that they are an embodiment of a green or organic lifestyle.
    With all that I have said I am not ANTI-Rainforest. I understand the importance of the rainforest and its benefits not only to S. America but of the World.
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!

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    Default All water is NOT equal...

    Our companies desire is to provide the best water for consumption, while being mindful of the impact to the environment during the process.

    1. since we all agree that all water is not the same then the desire for the healthiest water naturally produces an industry and the industry should try to be as mindful as possible to the environment.

    Points I am sure we both agree:
    Ocean salt water is not the same as Fresh lake water
    Fresh Lake water is not the same as Tap water
    Tap water is definitely not the same as Purified water
    and Purified water is by no means the same as Natural Spring or Artesian water, Otherwise the FDA would have never deem Artesian water as the safiest and healthiest source of water.

    Greg the mineral content, pollution content and overall quality content of each of the sources is vastly different. Besides the fact that they are all H2O is not the point, the health concern is dependent on whats been added, removed or naturally filtered and protected in an enclosed artesian source.

    Since we have established that there are vast differences in water and a healthy lifestyle can be maintained by consuming the best water with proper mineral content, void of chemicals constanly found and reported in our tap water then it makes perfect sense to bring that water to areas that have a poor quality of water for drinking, while minimizing the impact to the source.

    I remember living in Mexico, Germany, Italy and Thailand where no one would dare drink from the tap. The U.S. tap water is not as bad as these countries but we get enough constant reports that it is prudent to consume the healthiest possible water atleast until our municipal suppy can provide equal quality.

    Drinking water with an acidic pH balance is not good for humans prone to an alkaline pH balance.

    There are cases of bottlers that deplete community sources, that is never the case with Amazonia, there is no way for us to deplete the constantly recharged artesian aquifer we source.

    So since there is sound reason to have naturally healthy water for consumption where the municipal supply is less than adequate, then there is no shame to supply good artesian water for our families. Ofcourse we are mindful of the impact of production and transport and thats exactly why our program is to preserve rainforest, not a tax credit, but to actually buy land through the non-profits and have that land protected for the growth of trees.

    Thank you Greg for your understanding

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