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    Default Citibank-A Short Rant

    Thank you f%*&ing much Citibank. You take $20 billion from taxpayers(me) and then a few weeks later take another $25billion again. You keep intact a $400mm deal with the Mets to "name" their new ballpark after your failing company and then on top of all that you have the audacity to screw me twice.

    First- You use my tax dollars to bailout your bad decisons,

    Second- You raise my interest rate from 5% to 18% overnight while I have been an exemplary customer never being late on a payment, never going over my credit limit, or never asking for an an extension or credit increase.

    You just lost a customer!!! I am paying off my credit card and I will NEVER come back to you again.
    Forget the "opt out" clause I found buried in the middle of the 6 page notice you sent me. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops as a valuable customer. Reserve your screwing for the customers and the decison makers that put you in this crisis to begin with, NOT ME!
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