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    Default Oxo-biodegradable bottle preforms and caps

    My company, BioGreen Products Co., offers oxo-biodegradable plastic preforms and caps. These are made with conventional PET, and cannot be distinguished from conventional PET by looking at them. They are not PLA, aka spudware or starch based plastics, and are not similar to PAL. Our preforms are crystal clear, and have all of the properties of conventional PET except for the multi-century lifespan. Our bottles start to biodegrade after their two year shelf life, under the same conditions that will cause a fallen leaf to biodegrade. Unlike PLA, our PET plastics can be recycled along with conventional PET, so its win-win for the environment. Our bottles are also less expensive than PLA, and are completely impervious to water during their 2 year shelf life. There has been tremendous criticism of bottled water, mostly based on issues connected to disposing of the empty bottles. Our products are the answer to this criticism. Read more at (our website for the trade,) or at Bio Green Products (our website for the public.) -Tim Dunn, BioGreen Products Co.
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