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    Default New at Vending :)

    I'm not that familiar with message boards' ins and outs but is the only other thread in the vending section the warning not to solicit?
    I found a few posts about vending in other areas of the board and I so appreciate the information but I need more.

    I would love feed back about starting in the vending business. I would like to start with just a few machines for extra income and grow from there as I learn the business.
    I am handy and good with people and sales (I have an AA in electronics that I have not used in forever, but I was a field tech for years driving around fixing giant printers and my customers).
    I am hoping these skills will carry over.

    I have so many questions.
    How to pick locations?
    Are companies that find locations a good solution?
    Do franchises make sense?
    What products sell best?
    Where do you get the product and what kind of profit margin is the norm?
    What kind of commissions to the locations are the norm?
    How many beverages a month does a machine in a great/good/average location generally sell per week?
    Are there vending machines for Monster? (I love Monster :-) )
    Are brand new machines best or refurbished, used?
    Any beverage machines that are generally lemons or fairly trouble free?
    Any idea of what repair costs can generally run on average and is it a good idea to have a repair contract?
    Is buying an established route a good idea and if so what should I look for?
    What is it that I don't even yet know that I don't know?

    Like I said, I have a lot of questions.
    Mentors wanted. Private messages are fine.
    p.s. I know this is the beverage Net but I'm also very interested in the DVD kiosks vending concept.

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