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    Default Monster Energy hits Dutch shelves

    Monster Energy hits Dutch shelves
    January 29, 2009 · No Comments

    Per Monster Energy’s distribution agreement with The Coca Cola Company (KO) and Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE), the dominant US energy drink is now available in The Netherlands. Spotted at grocery store Albert Heijn (owned by Ahold, also the parent company of Stop&Shop, Giant, Martin’s and Peapod in the US), Monster comes in three variations for the European continent: Green (original) Monster, Blue Monster (Lo-Carb) and Monster Ripper (known in the US as M-80, the energy+juice variation). The top three US energy drinks are now all available in The Netherlands (and Monster also in the rest of the European CCE-territory):

    * Monster Energy (all three SKUs, 500 ml) retails at €2.98 ($3.87) per liter (33.8 oz.), or $1.83 per 16 oz. can
    * Red Bull (Regular and Diet, 473 ml) retails at €4.00 ($5.20) per liter, or $2.46 per 16 oz. can
    * Rockstar Energy (Regular and Punched (juice)) retails at €2.78 ($3.61) per liter, or $1,71 per 16 oz. can

    Note that these are local grocery listings, and prices may vary across channels and regions. It looks like the 500 ml. can (16 oz. approximately) is becoming the new standard, moving away from the slim cans (250 ml. or 8 oz.).

    The game is most definitely on, now Monster is entering Red Bull’s back yard. Prepare for a serious test of both brands’ strength.

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    The game is afoot!

    Are they going to introduce Monster in Austria eventually?

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    They (Monster ) are quite opportunistic when it comes to distribution deals, imo. So if the opportunity presents itself they will. Austria isn't a big market (populationwise), but moving in on RB's hometurf should make it a compelling challenge.

    Additional note: here is a recent article on RB's global progress: Canada puts a jolt into Red Bull sales

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