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    Default Vacation in a Bottle

    A while back I was contacted by a PR firm to review a beverage known as "Vacation in the Bottle"... technically ViB. (Here's their official website). Has anyone heard of this brand or had experience selling it? It was completely new to me. (And since it came in a can, I sort of scratched my head on the whole "in a bottle" thing )

    The customary "photo of a can next to a tree" shot, made more difficult due to the cold Chicago winter we've been having...

    It's interesting because it has both cane sugar as well as artificial sweeteners. I thought the taste wasn't too bad, though not a huge fan of the aftertaste. As my review noted, the only real gripe I had was with the packaging design.

    Given that a lot of you are in the industry and encounter this far more than me, I was just curious what the buzz was around this beverage. Good, bad, clueless?

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