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    Before I go into detail about my introduction post I have read the rules of the forum and I am not trying to violate them. I also pm'd the administrator several days ago and have not received a response. I am not trying to sell anything nor am I trying to recruit for an affiliate network (pyramid scheme.) I am simply here to introduce myself and my company, just like anyone else I am here to learn and share information about the industry. Of course in the end I will remove the post or any information within the post if the members feel it violates and terms of use. I have been an active member on many forums and I understand how they work so my last intention is to be unwelcome here.


    I am a recent graduate of Drexel University, while still in school myself along w/ a friend (now business partner) had the idea to start an energy drink. We did understand the market is very competitive and saturated, and in reality who would even want to enter the market with Red Bull dominating anything that walks/talks. But alas we thought we had a different product/new approach. We decided to utilize the "stick pack" format and create a drink that consumers would actually want to drink. We came up w/ product that embodies our 3 core values: Must Be Effective, Must Taste Good, Must Be Inexpensive. Well after 9 months of R&D we were able to come to a final conclusion for our first product.

    Since then we have received great reviews from both Taurine Rules and The Caffeine Examiner. We were even listed as the Best Energy Mix of 2008.

    As mentioned earlier I have no intentions of spamming or saturating this forum w/ talk of my product, being so new to the industry I feel it imperative to listen, learn, and offer feedback just like anyone else. If a business opportunity does arise then so be it but that is not my intention here.

    With that being said, if it is acceptable to the members I will be more than willing to post information specific to my product in this thread or a new one, it would also be my desire in such a thread/post to offer free samples to any member who would be interested.

    Once again I hope this post did not come across as offensive or rule breaking, rather just my position within the beverage industry and my reason for being here!



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