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    Quote Originally Posted by jetset View Post
    Here is an email I received from a friend - have any of you guys experienced something similar? I find it rather odd that this is happening to be honest but I know the individual well and know they aren't embellishing.

    My son (17 yrs old) tried to buy an Amp shot at CVS and they would not sell it to anyone under 18 so he went to Walgreen's and tried to buy a 5 Hour and they said they would not sell to anyone under 27.
    Yes a lot of mfgs website say it can not be sold to anyone 18 yor younger but I never heard 17

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    Quote Originally Posted by tachris100 View Post
    The only thing I can tell you is YES he only took one pill, yes there were over 500 milligrams of Cafferine and Yes there were over 500 milligrams of Ephedrine and I am happy to say because of my husbands death the only good that came out of it was they had to remove Ephedrine from these items.

    Yes I agree 110% that it is the consumers responsibility. But this certain company, which I am forbidden by the court to mention it, is run by an individual that does not have any experience in these type of items. Prior to my husbands death he was busted 2 times for illegal drugs, his warehouse has been raided a few times because he was putting illegal drugs in his over the counter items, filed bankrupcy to protect himself a few times, another person is confined to a wheelchair because of this stuff (dated prior to when the Ephedrine became illegal), and I can go on and on. This may not be with all companies but with this one I know for a fact.

    I must ask also, why on their website it states not to be sold to anyone under 18 years of age but they do not tell the stores.

    I just ask that people check out websites before buying from an individual who puts his stuff out there to make millions. This company has only 15 employees.

    Oh and my husband was healthy, not on any drugs, and just got his CDL phyisical 3 days before he died. So please don't question his death, you weren't in my shoes.
    Again, I will say this is a very unfortunate situation. I was not and am not in your shoes. But you helped make my point, there was more to the story than you originally posted which was linked to by ehinkes.
    I had no idea that the product your husband ingested was made by a rogue manufacture with no moral or ethical compass. 500mgs of caffeine stacked on top of 500mg of ephedra is completely unneccessary as well as completely incomprehensible to me even though my back ground is in the Sports Nutrition Industry.
    When ehedra products were legal most products would only contain approximately 25-50mg of ephedra alkaloids stacked with about 200-250mg of caffeine. The Ephedra/Caffeine/Aspirin stack , aka, the ECA Stack was most effecient at burning fat and maintaining muscle at certain levels of the particular ingredients. 500/500 is outrageous, and again,completely unneccessary.

    And I apologize if I sounded if I was questioning your husbands use of any illicit substances.That was not my intention. I was speaking of medically necessary medications that could have created an adverse reaction.
    I prefaced my whole reply saying that I felt there was more to the story,and there was. Even someone with a clean bill of health would be threatened by the perverse amounts of raw materials in the product your husband took.

    I only wish the best for you and your family as you fight to correct the wrongs against your husband.
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!

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    It is always the one who pushes the limits that ends up hurting someone. Many of the posters to this site advocate, accurate labeling, warnings and ethical marketing of all beverage products.

    It hurts our entire industry when one company pushes the limit and someone is injured because of thata action.

    We can sympathize with you and wish you well in the fight for your health as well.

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