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    Default Have anyone tried an XS energy drink??

    i had some random guy at the beach offer me one and he said something about like 15 different flavor but the flavor he gave me was cherry cola. i did some research and it has 0 carbs no caffeine well the no caffeine flavors but the other only have 83 milligrams of caffeine and it has no sugar it is packed with b-12 i am just wondering has anyone else tried this drink it is called XS energy drink tasted better than red bull and i was very focused and did not crash at all.

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    You and every other Quixtar IBO have tried something along this line to get a conversation going on this brand, the folks here have already debated this brand extensively.

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    Talking I ain't diggin' XS

    I am not really liking the XS energy drinks, but I just made up a really COOL way to make your own energy drink and i have tried it. CLICK HERE to see the recipe i made up on a post @ BevBoard! Please tell me what you think!

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