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    Default SUCCESSFUL HOMEMADE Energy Drink!

    THIS WORKED! (and tastes good)

    2 Tea Bags (Preferably Green Tea 4 Ginseng)
    6 tsp. SUGAR! (or, 6 Splendas)
    1 pinch o' SALT
    30 oz. of BOILING Water
    2 oz. of Lemon & Lime Juice (Combined)
    (OPTIONAL) 4 oz. of your favorite flavor of juice (ORANGE is good...)

    HOW TO:
    Get 30 oz. of water to boil. Once it starts to boil, drop your 2 tea bags into the mixture. Once it darkens, put in some of your sugar or splenda and your lemon-lime juice mixture. give it a stir, and take the tea bags out. Now add in your juice of choice, if any. Let it cool off, and then put it in some kind of container of some sort, and place in fridge for 30+ minutes... Serve over ICE.

    THERE YOU GO. NO crash, yet provided ME with 3-4 hours of energy. HECK YEAH.

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