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    Wink Great Pic Fusion !

    I see Hooters is there ! Placing a Hooters girl on the can.... as if placing a girl on your can will help sell product. What idiot thought of that !

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    Default ok

    The Hooters are actually pretty good drinks but the can probably puts people off. Can't see my wife or daughter drinking a drink with that kind of packaging. A lot of those drinks are there also because of redesigned packaging so they are clearing out the old designs. Some are there because they suck lol.

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    Wow, my area Big Lots doesn't have that much. I recognize about 90% of the drinks in that pic from my time on Taurine Rules but I can only identify Hooters, Awake, Bad Boy, Guru, Hydrive, Black Jack, NOS and Lost. There's another BL's around but I've never been up that way lately but when I can I'll make sure I get in there.
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