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    Default Ski/Double Cola along US62, Kentucky

    I took a couple of trips last week, most of them to places along the Blue Grass & Western Kentucky Parkways in Kentucky. Both run parallel to US62. Here are some places I found (or didn't find) Ski, and at least one where I found Double Cola.

    Elizabethtown - Found Ski & Diet - had been told in the past that Ski could be found at the Kroger stores in this area, so I didn't look there (I will take them on their word!). I did find 12-can-packs at EW James (St. John & Dixie Hwy), and single cans in the Coke machine out front. At Houchen's (200 Sycamore) I found plenty of 12-can-packs of Ski & Diet Ski. There were also cold 20oz bottles of Ski in the Deli area, and single cans in a Coke machine that was in front of the hobby shop next door.

    Leitchfield - Found Ski - This time last year, I found 12-can-packs of Ski at both Houchen's locations. This year, I didn't have as much time to look around Leitchfield, but I did take time to stop for gas, and found cold 20oz bottles at JR Food Mart at 941 Brandenburg. That is KY 259, just North of town. I believe they also carry 12-can-packs, but were out-of-stock.

    Caneyville - Found Ski - I stopped at the Caneyville BP station (KY 79 at Taylor, just off the parkway) and found Ski in 12-can-packs, as well as cold 20oz bottles. I also stopped at Green's IGA (404 E Maple - US 62) and found more 12-can-packs. Further North up KY 79 from Caneyville, Ski disappears as you get near Rough River Lake. It is apparently not available in Short Creek or Falls of Rough.

    Hartford & Beaver Dam - Don't bother looking for Ski here. I mention this area only because it falls between at least three areas where Ski is found, and I looked many places before deciding it was not anywhere to be found.

    Central City - Found Ski & Double Cola! - Central City is nearer to Madisonville, where there is a Dr. Pepper (?) distributor that distributes Ski, Double Cola, and apparently Sun Drop. I stopped at Neighbor's Shell (US 431 at Western KY Pkwy) and found Ski in 12-can-packs, as well as cold 20oz bottles & single cans. At Stewart's Foodliner (219 S Second), I found Ski in 6-pack plastic bottles & 12-can-packs. I also found Double Cola in 12-can-packs. Shelf space for the Double Cola was quite limited, but it was real nice to find it sold somewhere!!!! Thanks to a fellow reader for that tip! Sun Drop was more plentiful here. I tried a cold one, and it wasn't bad. Different than Ski. Like Ski, it was bottled by Tri-State/RC-Evansville.

    Springfield / Willisburg - Found Ski - I had not planned to stop in this area, but did make one stop. At the EZ Stop (KY 555 at Blue Grass Pkwy), I found plenty of Ski in 12-can-packs, 2 litre bottles, and cold 20oz bottles.

    Mt. Washington - Found Ski & Diet (in some places) - This town is just South of Louisville on the "Bardstown Road" (US 31E/150), and may be the closest place for Louisvillians to find Ski. The first place I stopped was at the Valumarket. They did not have any Ski. However, there is a Houchen's in town (10070 KY 44 E), and they had plenty of 12-can-packs of both original and Diet Ski on the soft drink aisle. Next door to Houchen's is Pearl's Food Mart. They also had Ski in cold 20oz bottles & single cans.

    Versailles - Found Ski - I did not actually make it as far as Versailles this time. Since I was just there a month ago, and it is along US 62, I thought I would mention it. Terry's 5 & 10 on Lexington Road (Business US60, just West of the Bypass Jct) carries Ski in 12-can-packs, and also cold single cans in a vending machine out front (for 45-cents!).

    Places I looked & did not find Ski - Shepherdsville, Shelby County (Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Waddy), Taylorsville. & Lawrenceburg.

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