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    Default Interesting BevNet Readers

    I would imagine other beverage companies who have been reviewed on BevNet have experienced this phenomenon, but since our review we have been getting a lot of "interesting" requests for information. It would seem like there are a lot of folks trolling this site in hopes of free product.

    We get e-mail and calls from folks claiming to be distributors, but when you do a little research you find out that they are less than honest about their situation. You get residential "ship to" addresses and sometimes when you asked targeted questions about their distribution business, the answers get real hazy.

    I'm curious if anyone else has been dealing with this? ...and if so, what are your methods for weeding through the mess?

    Sadly, any real distributor may get put off by our new interrogation methods, but after having dealt with so many fakes, we don't seem to have a choice.

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