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    Default Ski/Dad's/Red Rock at First Stop stores ?

    I took a trip recently and was surprised to find Red Rock (many flavors, but not Ginger Ale) carried at a First Stop store about an hour from here. Red Rock is unheard of here. They also had Dad's products & Ski, and the 20oz bottles of all three were together in the same cooler. Not sure about Dad's, but that is also the only place I have ever seen Ski in that area (Millersburg, KY).

    I also found all three in First Stop stores in Maysville/Washington, KY, and in Wellston, OH. While Wellston is in "Ski country," Maysville is not. The Maysville/Washington location also had Red Rock Energy Drink. At Wellston & Maysville, all three products (Ski, Dad's, & Red Rock) were on special together.

    First Stop stores are found in Northeastern Kentucky & South-Central Ohio (and possibly elsewhere, those are the areas I know of). I am wondering if someone knows whether or not carrying these products is something that is common at the First Stop chain of convenience stores?
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