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    Default Coke(or other flavor) BiB's in SF Bay Area

    Hi everyone,
    I bought a used 4 flavor soda dispenser and have it all set up in my garage. Our local business center Costco will sell to anyone so I picked up 5 gallons of Coke and 2.5 of both Barqs and Nestea.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any beverage distributors that will sell a couple of boxes to someone without a business in the SF Bay Area. I've got one more valve to fill on the machine and none of the other Costco offerings are too interesting.

    I know Sam's Club offers some non-Coke products on their website, but I don't have a membership there. Smart & Final has the same selection that Costco has and demanded a business license before selling to me. Sysco and US Foodservice obviously won't sell to an individual either. I could try getting a local restaurant to add a box or two for me on their next order but would like to avoid that if possible.

    Any thoughts on other locations I might try?

    Thanks for your ideas

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