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    Default Orange Root Beer vs Orange Soda

    I think it is funny. I just read the review of Jones Orange Cola and Bevnet liked the combo. However do the same thing with a Root Beer (ahem-Rootjack) and they think it is a horrible idea. Of course in both instances BevNet believes that the products won't sell.

    We just got back from Gencon, Indianapolis where we gave out samples of RootJack. We weren't allowed to sell in the convention center so we couldn't compete with the convention center's drink sales. However the downtown RAM brewery was selling it. In 3 days they sold 984 bottles of our unknown drink with nothing more than a poster in the window. They would have sold more, but they kept running out of stock each night.

    We're a new company, so we're still looking for distribution in most parts, but we're coming. Soon the world will know the power of Pirate Energy! Yarrr!

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