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    Thumbs up redbull new products

    I work for the distributor of Redbull here in Phoenix, AZ and we have been told we are going to get the three new flavors sometime in the spring of 2010 and they only plan to keep the cola in the stores that are actually moving product

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    I'm not a big fan of Red Bull energy drinks. If the new flavors taste good, then i will consider Red Bull!

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    Default Red Bull Stash

    In honor of our fans, we’re hiding Red Bull Energy Shots all over the USA. All you have to do is find ‘em! Soon we’ll upload clues by zip code and your city scavenger hunt will begin.

    Where will they be hidden? All over. You’ll have to look under trees, behind fences and just about everywhere. You’ll always be able to get to them, but without the clue you’ll never see it.

    The adventure is for you, our fans. It’s our way of saying thanks for tipping our Facebook page to over one million fans. You give, we give. And once you find a stash, be sure to claim it!

    Basically Red Bull is hiding “Stashes” in cities. These “Stashes” are full cases (I believe 12-16) of Red Bull Energy Shots, a new product in the Energy Shot market by Red Bull. You become a fan on facebook, and in about 5 days or so, clues will start to appear.

    Kind of like a more basic form of geo-caching.

    The “Stashes” will have an access-code on them which you use to confirm your stash find.

    But pretty much, I’m passing this on to you guys. I want someone here to find one, someone ‘real’ that I don’t really have a connection to at Xavier University/Cincinnati Ohio, to see if it actually works, and see if people would actually participate in this nation wide viral stunt by Red Bull.

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    Default I was contacted

    I was contacted by Red Bull and told they have no plans to release these in the USA. That is their story and they are sticking to it. I'd appreciate if you guys in distribution would let me know when you get a date it is showing up or some actual product. I think they are just playing it close to the vest.

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