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    Vanuatu Kava Store is pleased to announce the release of "Lava Cola - Vanuatu Kava Cola". After 20 years combined kava industry experience and 18 months R+D, we have done our first production with our local beverage partner and the response from both the domestic and international market has been overwhelming!

    Kava is well known for its relaxing effect,however to date no one has been able to make a value added drink that actually tastes good and packs a real kava punch.... well we have cracked the kava code!

    Below is the advertisement used for the domestic launch. Bare in mind its for the Vanuatu and the South Pacific market.

    No wonder Vanuatu was named the Happiest place in the world...its the kava!

    YouTube - Lava Cola - Vanuatu's Kava Cola

    Vanuatu Kava Store are now looking for manufacturing and distribution partners in the US... do you want to be part of the reverse energy drink wave? If so then please contact us.

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