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    What is this product? 100mg of caffeine and 5g of protein? I can get that and more from a grand slam breakfast at Denny's.
    Thats one cup of coffee and 2 pieces of bacon minus the fat.
    I dont get this product and I'm in the sports nutrition industry......Serioulsy, why do I need to pay at least $2.99 per bottle 3x a day to burn 100 calories? I'm better off just taking the stairs 2 filghts up 2x a day to burn 100 calories!!! I just saved $9!!! WOOHOO!
    Will the average joe out there get it???? I dont think so....I'd really like to see the science, not to mention the reasoning, behind this product.
    And what is up with the bevnet review???? Its all over the place.
    From Bevnet Review: " while an aggressive looking design makes the product feel like something that’s designed for the active person"
    Are you guys serious? Know the consumer for this product..anyone living an active lifestyle will immediately scoff at the idea of buying an energy shot with 100mg's of caffeine and only 5g's of protein. Its a joke in itself. The 5g's of protein is irrelevant!

    Then Bevent criticizes MM for using too small a font on the label.......UHHHH Its a 3oz shot! How large of a font can you get on there and still maintain all the "legaleese" that needs to be on there!!!
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!

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