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    Default Barq's Red Cream Soda - Chicago area

    I live in the city of Chicago proper... A few years ago Barq's Red Cream soda could be found in 12 packs at a few stores, particularly Jewel-Osco. It was hit or miss as not all stores carried it. Now, it seems to be gone from Jewel. I still however see Barq's Red Cream on tap at a couple of oddball places such as, Pompeii eateries in Chicago. So, the product can't be completely dead around here I was thinking.

    Wanting to find Barq's Red Cream in stores, a call was placed to Coca Cola Chicago sales. The woman searched for me and replied its no where on their distribution lists anymore.

    Any other thoughts? Perhaps not too far away in Indiana, Wisconsin or something its still available.

    Last ditch effort will be ordering online when the weather is not so cold.

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