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    Here is a quote by Selim Chidiac, CEO of RBNA:
    "Bottlers selling hundreds of sku's will not in the long term make our competitors more successful compared to our focus and dedicated DSD distributors," he said. At conclusion of interview he declared: "Fighting with Coke and Pepsi is fun! We're the underdog. We're faster. It's our competitive advantage."

    I wished he would clarify what they are faster at? Is it roll outs of new flavors? New packages? New products?

    This guy is in total denial of his companies imminent fall from the # 1 position.
    He also states that "flavors are overrated" and come in 4th when consumers make decisions on drinks. The first 3 are 1. Conventional Energy Drink or Shot or Sugar Free 2. What brand to purchase and 3. what package to buy ( single, 4 pack, etc).

    So if Flavors have no impact why are companies that offer multiple flavors encroaching on RB's market share?
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    First, I think he's wrong on #1. There is no decision between buying a shot or a regular energy drink. They are two different animals that serve two different purposes (hydration + energy, versus just energy).

    Second, isn't Monster now #1 in terms of unit share?

    Third, if their DSD distributors were so dedicated, why did RBNA form their own distribution company and take back territory?

    I don't see them as faster at anything. Maybe their trucks are faster, since they are so small?

    Most growth these days comes from new brands or new line extensions. People like new things. Red Bull enjoyed a lot of growth when they were the big kid on the block, placing more and more equipment, getting additional space, etc. But I think those days have come and gone. The only new things they've come out with are larger versions of their existing products... and then there's that cola. I guess he won't talk about that

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