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    Default Diet Dew BIB in SoCal?

    Can anyone tell me where I can find Diet Mnt Dew syrup BIB (bag in box)? I am Southern CA (Orange County) and even though there is a Pepsi dist. 5 minutes away, they will not sell to me because I am not planning to resell the soda <?!!>. I would like three or five gallon boxes for a post-mix fountain.
    Thanks for any help. I have searched the internet exhaustively for months with only one guy saying he can get it, but that guy (DAVID BATES from has so far only taken my money and not shipped the product... we are two months into it and now headed for a CC dispute.

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    If you know that Pepsi distributor sells it, your best bet is to ask around at local restaurants who buy their bibs from them and order through them.

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