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    New product from the AMP people, 100% juice energy drink in a 12 oz resealable bottle, 2 flavors (orange and mixed berry). Dale Earnhardt Jr. is driving a car with an Orange paint scheme to represent it tomorrow in the NASCAR race.

    Here's a link to the product: AMP

    Has anyone seen the products out yet? Where can I expect to find them? Particularly would want to know in the Mid-Atlantic area (specifically Delaware), but any info would be useful. I'll let you all know if I see it.

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    Its out in the mid atlantic market..authorized in ALL foodlions now..tried both(wasnt given any samples sadly ) and they were actually very good..nice little caffeine boost too. $1.99 retail isn't too bad.

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    What I like about the product is it is touted as 100%juice, but if you look at the label it reads as follows "naturally and artificially flavored 100% juice blend from concentrate with other ingredients". I do not claim to be a brilliant man or even a smart guy, (I am however just a poor dumb soda guy) but if it is 100 % juice, how does it have "other ingredients" or have "artificial flavors"??

    Is the minute part of juice in the beverage 100 % juice or is the entire drink 100 %??
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