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    Default Flavor added to Diet Coke?

    I will buy 4 20 oz bottles. I'll buy 3 diet coke and 1 regular coke or cherry,vanilla etc...

    After i drink some of the diet coke i add about 20 percent regular coke flavor.
    To me this makes the drink delicious because i also drink just diet coke a lot.

    My question is why can't coke sell flavor syrup packets to add to your diet coke.

    It could add 20 % flavor and not increase the calories too much.

    Before you say c2 i'm not talking about 3 different sweeteners to make this drink. Come up with a way that can beef up your diet coke with flavor w/out adding 2 additional sweeteners. I know they can make the concentrate ultra strong so a syrup packet to add to diet soda should be in the front of the store w/ the energy shots.

    Think of the flavor possibilities!!!!!!

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    Diet Coke with more flavor is called... Coke Zero.

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    is this feasible???

    i know coke makes lip balm, how bout flavor shots for diet drinks?

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