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    Ok, so now G/G2 are positioned in a "series" of drinks, along with two new lines.

    01 Prime - pre-workout/pre-game. Contains b-vitamins, carbs, and electrolytes. Haven't seen it in stores yet, but it comes in a 4oz pouch.

    02 Perform - during workout/game. G and G2 fall into this category.

    03 Recover - post-workout/game. The first rehydrating protein drink. 16.9oz bottle. 14g carbs, 16g protein (from milk). Sucrose/ace-k/sucralose sweetened, 130 calories

    I found the 03 in Acme Markets today in the back room, so I wasn't sure of the price. Rang up $2.19 at the register - OUCH! I think people will perceive it as just another Gatorade drink, and won't be willing to pay that much for it. They tried selling Accelerade 20oz off the shelf for about that price, and people weren't buying it.

    I guess we'll see...

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