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    Default Visit to Chattanooga, TN

    Over the Memorial Day weekend, I was able to visit Chattanooga, TN. I was hoping to find some of the new, Splenda-sweetened Diet Ski. Unfortunately, I had no luck. I checked a couple of Bi-Lo stores and a Food Lion. All three stores had plenty of Double Cola -- one even had fridge packs of Diet Double Cola (I bought one) -- and several Jumbo flavors, but only one had any Ski at all.

    The store that did have Ski was a Bi-Lo, and all they had were a few 2L bottles with the older Ski label. I noticed that there were empty shelf slots labeled for Ski, Cherry Ski, and Diet Ski fridge packs, so I asked a store worker what was going on. I was told that their supplier was having trouble getting Ski to them. The guy told me "it sells well when we have it."

    In those same stores, I noticed that among the Coke products, Vault and Vault Zero were both available. Also, Mello Yello seemed to be heavily promoted with readily visible endcap slots.

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    Marketing and distribution have long since been the shortcoming of this company.The Excel Ski with sugar is my absolute favorite soft drink.

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    Interesting comments. I'll be going through Chattanooga on my way to Virginia next week so I'll have to stop and get some Double Cola and Ski...

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