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    Default Sam's Club MexiCoke spotting in Allentown, PA

    I've seen spottings of grey-market MexiCoke at Sam's Club locations in California and the southwest. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw a palette of the sweet sweet stuff in 24-pack bottles at Sam's in Allentown.

    Of course, Allentown is one of two Coke bottlers that uses Sucrose instead of HFCS and I prefer the Allentown variety over the Mexican stuff. But it was still good to see (hopefully it will proliferate to other Sam's Clubs this far north where sucrose is not being used in regular Coke) and I picked up a pack.
    Favorite Sodas
    1. Coke (sucrose)
    2. Boylan Black Cherry
    3. Dublin Dr. Pepper
    4. MexiCoke
    5. Passover Pepsi
    6. Wild Cherry Pepsi (formerly #1 before sugar)
    7. Vanilla Coke (god I miss this in sucrose, tasty!)

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