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    Default RC Distributor for Delmarva?

    Hello, folks! Just discovered this site, which looks like the perfect place to get this answer.

    I own a small business and I have this dream: to replace the Pepsi machine with an RC machine. I suppose it's not possible. I've been on several dead-end roads trying to find out who the distributor is around here. Earlier in the year I talked with some very friendly folks at the company that covers VA and the western shore of MD, but they don't come east of the Chesapeake Bay. Google can't find me much contact info for Canada Dry of Delaware Valley, and my guess is they couldn't help either. Does anybody know for sure? I'm fed up with Pepsi and could just go with Coke, but would like to give the "little guy" a fighting chance.

    Just to be clear, I am centrally located on the Delmarva peninsula, on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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