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    Default Fruit Frenzy/tahitian treat Toronto/Durham region

    I've seen a few questions asking about this on various sites but other then how much people loved it or how long its been since they have seen it I have not seen a decent response.

    I did find a place in Durham region that sold it but just before I went there somebody showed up and bought out their entire stock and a number of other drinks (300 in total)

    The place won't receive any stock until they don't know when, probably awhile but I believe that if someone buys that much they are a retailer and going to resell it somewhere else. Does anyone know a place where I could find Fruit Frenzy or tahitian treat?

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    Tahitian Treat is in Buffalo.
    Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?

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    I know it exists in other places on Earth but I was hoping for less of a drive. Kind of funny that I could go out and find the strangest or high ilegal things but when it comes to a soda its nowhere to be found.

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