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    Default Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash... now with "real sugar"

    So big deal, right? It's only the 5th holiday season that Pepsi has brought back Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.

    Ah, but 5 is a lucky number here, because I personally think this iteration is the best yet. Tied to the relaunch of Sierra Mist Natural and the whole "real sugar" kick (which I'm still on the fence about, surprisingly didn't think it was a home run), I'm a huge fan of the sugar infusion in Cranberry Splash. It's an improved drink!

    Probably the biggest takeaway I found was that you could actually taste the cranberry 'bitter/sweet' flavor, vs. previously which was more like a 'yeah, it's sort of a cherry-ish thing'. The taste is far more distinctive now. I like it!

    I just wish I still had a bottle from last season to give it a more accurate A/B comparison, but we'll go with the gut on this one.
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