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    Smile Anybody heard of flower powered energy drink

    Hey Guys,
    My uncle had sent me a pack of this different and amazing tasting drink based on a little known flower which grows in the jungles of tropical Indian forests.He tells me the primitive tribes consume it during times of drought and can go on for days without eating anything...Wowww.The one I had was in a plain looking bottle with no label ( must admit i was slightly nervous)and had a very different taste to it - earthy,slightly sweet ,god knws what the taste was like, but it was gud.But boy the kick it gives you after 15 -20 mins was awesum..Pls share if you guys have ever had any flower based drinks since its the 1st time for me and very intriguing

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    ...back in the 70's I once ate some mushrooms and....

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    Back in the early 80's I snacked on some shrums as well......
    I washed them down with premium orange juice.
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    Just last night I was in a cow pasture and noticed some "fungus" growing out of a cow patty and ............
    Sorry, just went with the theme.

    Actually a lot of the ingredients in foods these days comes form "tropical" or "rain" forest.
    The latest craze that showed so much promise was Hoodia. Unfortunately, the Hoodia plant found in Africa was the one that provided the appetite suppression but the market was quickly flooded with a non effective version of the Hoodia plant found in South America and Mexico.

    If you find out the name please post it and I will research it the best I can. I'm sure my R&D department can can give us some good detail on it.
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