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    Default Cherry Vanilla Dr.pepper

    Ok here is the deal, I just discovered on Facebook that CVDP is still available in a few markets.
    Which markets? One was Texas but on they do not have it.

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    in the northern midwest I still see cherry vanilla and diet cherry vanilla in 12packs only... looks like it is slowly being squeezed down and out as sales slowly decline from being squeezed down... kind of ironic how that works out in the end... it sold, but they wanted to get new items into shelf space so got bumped down, then sales went down, so certain packages were taken out, then sales go down more, so they take more out, then you're down to just diet I'm guessing in most places to have some representation, then before you know it sales are so low compared to other products on the shelf, when they have a new item sayyyyy sundrop/canada dry now... it gets bumped off entirely to get those regular versions on the shelf...

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