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    Good old Pepsi has strong carbonation. Pepsi TB does not stay carbonated like regular Pepsi does. Ice cold Pepsi when stored correctly has "killer" mouth burn. Try cooling down
    a 6pk of Pepsi 8oz cans; the first swig off an ice cold can burns like all heck. YUM
    In chicago...not here though, not for a long time.

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    I find I alternate between Coke Zero and Diet Coke. But the only time I do Diet Pepsi is when Im forced to do the fountain at a restaurant. My uncle, ( who worked for Pepsi for many years) tried to turn me over to the dark side every time I visited, but I just never got the hang of it. Coke Zero is one of the better low cal soda's out there, but appears there are plenty of fans of 'full figured' orange pop out there.

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