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    Default I could bite my tongue no longer - my note to 7up about cherry 7up with antioxidants

    Sent 4/20/2011 to 7up via their website.

    "I just wanted you to know how much I now hate one of my former favorite products. I tried not to write this email, but I can no longer bite my tongue. You have ruined Cherry 7up. Easily my favorite soda since it came out when I was a kid. Now it tastes essentially like cherry 7up plus. Which is horrible. The aftertaste makes it taste like a diet soda and the cherry is too strong. It was always a lighter cherry taste. Didn't you guys learn your lesson when you pulled diet cherry 7up and then were pushed into bringing it back 2 years later? The people know what they want. Give us what we want! News flash! Soda is not healthy. Putting vitamins and antioxidants in soda is like putting a turnip in the center of a ho-ho. I drink soda as a treat and you have ruined it. And please don't insult me by sending me a message saying that my comments are taken seriously and will be forwarded on. The reality is that the reason 7up is losing ground in the marketplace is because you don't listen to consumers. Just put it back and make it with real sugar. That's what people want. Look at the throwbacks. Try it in an 8 week run and watch what happens. Put it as a limited edition if you want. That way if it doesn't work (it will though) but if it doesn't you can just pull it without losing face since it was limited to begin with. Seriously though. Just google the reviews on the antioxidant crap that you've put out. It puts a bitter taste in your mouth. I'd say you could quench that with a delicious cherry 7up, but that would make it worse. Good luck with the next soda up on the list. 7up pink berries with antioxidants and vitamins B12 and"

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    I miss the old Cherry 7-Up they had like 6-7 years back. It was awesome.

    The Antioxidants one is pretty decent, not as good as the old Cherry 7-Up though.

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    Well, in all honesty, I'd love it if it could mean the end of 7-up. Especially here in Canada. I've wanted Sierra Mist here forever, and I hate 7-up. :P

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    Cherry 7-up with sugar?


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