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    Default Los Angeles Area Availability Questions

    I am heading down to LA at the end of November. Since I am a Canadian there are several American only pops I am looking to get. Since I am flying bring cases or 2 liter bottles are an issue in my checked luggage. So I am curious whether I will be out of luck as far as finding these pops inside security at LAX's Terminal 2.

    What I am looking to get are:
    Vanilla Coke
    Wild Cherry Pepsi
    Pepsi Throwback (since it has vanished in Canada)
    Code Red Mountain Dew
    Mellow Yellow
    Cactus Cooler
    Tahiti Treat
    Pepsi Max (as I hear it has extra caffeine in it)

    I am fairly confident that Leninaide won't be available inside security. I also may get some of the other sodas not available in Canada that I discover, but am unaware of right now.

    Also, does anyone know where a Coke Freestyle fountain may be in the LA/Anaheim area? Preferably a place that offers free refills, so I can try a few of the different flavours.

    Lastly, are the so-called "Mexican Coke" and "Mexican Pepsi" available in LA?. If so, are they widely available and in an area that is safe for a tourist?

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