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    Default Way to get free (or near free with tax + deposit) Mexican Coke via My Coke Rewards

    Anyone here a member of My Coke Rewards?

    If you are you can email MCR (within the account) and ask them to make free 12 oz Coca Cola product coupons as a new reward. This would be good for bottles of Mexican Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and anything else in that size.

    If you are not currently a member, you can call Coke at (866) 674 2653 and ask them to make Free 12 oz Coca Cola product coupons as a new reward.

    If you want to drink sugar based Coke year round at a reasonable price, call or email My Coke Rewards today and request free 12 oz coca cola product coupons as a reward!

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    Or they could start putting codes under the caps of glass Mexican Coke bottles. Now wouldn't that be nice, a way to get more codes.

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