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    Default Anyone seen Barq's or Mello Yello in NYC area lately?

    Has anyone seen any of these beverages (Barq's or Mello Yello) in NYC lately? It seems Barq's has no bite here, while MUG and A&W are much easier to find.

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    I don't know about cans/bottles, but I've seen Mello Yello on tap in some of the new Coke Freestyle machines in the NYC area...

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    Not knowing where you are (borough-wise), it is a little tough for me to give specific recommendations. Not to mention I've never actually been to a grocery store in NYC.

    But in smaller stores, these brands will probably not be available. Just the main brands, and maybe some flavors if the demos skew towards that. You'd have to go to a much larger store to find a fuller line of products.

    In A&W's case, it's a core brand for them, so it's a must-carry for accounts.

    Target stores generally have a pretty standard set, so you should be able to find 12 packs of both there. Target does not print individual tags for items (for the most part), rather the item name/size/upc are printed on a 4' long strip, so the vendors are bound to the number of facings, what product goes where, and so on. That might be your best bet.

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