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    Default The best energy drink ever!

    Hello Energy drink lovers,

    I am happy to join this forum to learn and share my knowledge about e drinks. I have tried all major brands but my biggest issue with them is high sugar and high carb content. This gives me jitters after few hours and I crash

    I am happy to share that my search for best, powerful and healthy energy drink has ended now ! I found a drink that has ZERO sugar, ZERO carb and tons of energy ( 1 can contains energy of 64 cans of Red Bull! Yes, I said 64!! )

    Do you want to know more?
    Post name of your best drink with sugar , carb and Vitamin B12 content here! Let us see who can beat the drink I have found!


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    I cant believe no one has bit on this yet!! LOL. Seriously? 64 cans of RB? Plus, your statement is misleading. How can you measure "energy" from an energy drink? You cant. You can measure caffeine content, B12 content, taurine, etc. But not energy.
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!

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    Used to love Bawls Guarana....

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