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    Default World Class Beverage Consulting


    We are a beverage co-packer in the Los Angeles Area. Our company name is California Co-packers. Our company is fairly large and we are the only completely beverage solution. We are better then the other guys is because of the things below.

    What we can provide:
    -Beverage consulting
    -Beverage formulation
    -Beverage bottling
    -Shipping and Logistics
    -Research and Development
    -Label design
    -Label printing
    -Sales and Marketing
    -Website design
    -Graphic design

    We have a in-house marketing, graphic design, and printing shop. We also have a distribution company to help get product into stores. We guarantee to have the fastest service and lowest price. We will match anyone.

    If you are interested please call (818) 402-5737

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