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    Default New Red Bull flavors

    Red Bull has recently come out with three new flavors here in the US: The Red Edition (red berry flavor), The White Edition (lime flavor), and The Blue Edition (blueberry flavor). I was in Spain this last summer and they had these exact three flavors there, so I tried them there and all of them were good in my opinion, though I thought the Blue one was the best. I'm assuming the three flavors here is exactly the same (the packaging is the same) as I haven't tried them here yet. The only thing that surprises me is I heard they are a 7-11 exclusive here, while over there they are in every supermarket and many c-stores (there is no 7-11 there). I assuming they are all over Europe too as I also saw them in Paris when I was there for several days. I hope the Red Bull editions stay around for awhile and are eventually sold in supermarkets as well. Its nice to have some variety among the Red Bull line for a change.

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    I tried the Red Edition & the Blue Edition. The Blue Edition is the best so far out of the two editions I tried. I found the ones I tried at the dollar stores.
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