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    Default Budweiser Brewmaster's Project 12

    Has anyone tried these? I recently bought a 12 pack of this Project 12 of Bud which has 4 bottles each of three different special brews from the different A-B brewmasters. Its called Project 12 because all 12 A-B brewmasters came up with their own brew and it was narrowed down to three. I though all three beers were great, much better than Budweiser or Bud Light, and better than some craft beers. One of the brews (the red one) reminded me of Budweiser American Ale (do they still make that?). This is a good move for the Budweiser brand and I hope A-B keeps doing these special brews. I usually buy craft beers (I love the seasonal variety packs) but had to try this from A-B and was not disappointed.
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