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    Default 4 New MTN DEW Flavors for Canada! Finally they arrived!

    Hey everyone, last night i was getting fuel from an Edmonton, Alberta Esso(Exxon in USA) and i saw the new flavors that have been in the USA awhile back. Canada has to vote on which flavor for MTN DEW to keep by going to and you can choose which one you like best. The flavors are: Code Red(Canada had this flavor ten years ago and is now back) Voltage, SuperNova and White Out all regular flavors. They are also made with half HFCS/half Real Sugar accordance with Canadian food and drink guidelines as the american versions are all made with 100% HFCS. They are in 591ml(20oz) bottles as i have not seen any in 12-pack cans or 2L bottles yet. They were just shipped a couple days ago so convienience stores should be getting them soon all over Canada now. I will give a breakdown of flavor tatses:
    MTN DEW Code Red: Like Hawaian Punch with carbonated punch blast.
    MTN DEW Voltage: Like Blue Rasberry(similar to Pepsi Blue of past)
    MTN DEW White Out: Like Fresca with sweetness
    MTN DEW SuperNova: Like Mixed Berries sweetness
    Keep in mind Code Red, SuperNova and Voltage have those tastes melded with the citrus taste of MTN DEW mixed in except White Out Has a great distinct taste.
    My favorites are like as follows:
    MTN DEW Code Red, SuperNova, Voltage and not into White Out.
    GO TRY THEM ALL!! You won't be dissapointed. I wish they would keep the top two flavors. Regular MTN DEW and Diet MTN DEW are still available and are staying put.
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