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    Default Sneaky service tactics

    Recently I was in a restaurant in LA having a few beers with friends on a Bar/restaurant patio when our server insisted we paid the bill as she was going on a 30 minute break!!!! Alarms bell started to ring in my head, 25 years in the business and I’m being told I need to cash out and open another tab!!! Why would I do that?, and more importantly why should I be expected to do that?? Now for us savvy industry professionals we now the reason for this request, it’s the fear of losing the check gratuity, fair enough…however that is an internal business issue not a consumer issue, why should a guest be confronted with this demand, and more importantly what lasting impression does this have on your establishment… we all know lasting impressions are just if not more important than first impressions.

    Has anyone else out there encountered this sneaky service tactic?

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