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    Default Help me Find Deer Park!!!

    I live in MA and we get Poland springs here. I know that brands of nestle are different across the country but deer park has always been my fave. Twice it's been at the local Walmart when out of PS and I've seen Poland springs I South Carolina . Does anyone in northeast know of a grocer that always or occasionally carry Deer Park ? It would be a huge help !!

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    Where in MA? It seems logical that PS would be their water of choice in your area. How close are you to Northborough? Wegmans there may carry it.

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    Here in the Mid-Atlantic it is mostly Deer Park, but some chains like Food Lion do carry Poland Spring.

    Another possible option is the PriceRite grocery chain. They are a low-frills version of ShopRite, and they operate stores in MA.

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    I'll probably forget to check tomorrow but I think some supermarkets where I am have Poland Spring and Deer Park side by side.
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    I called Wegmans in Northbourough and they dont carry it Im located nea Plymouth, Ma if that helps!

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