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    Default Sierra Mist sweetener change

    About two weeks ago I went to buy some Sierra Mist, and noticed they redesigned the packaging. I also noticed they changed the sweetener from just sugar, to a mix of sugar and Stevia, reducing the amount of calories from 37g to 29g per 12oz can.
    Old ingredients list and sugars amount:
    Sierra Mist 1.jpg
    Sierra Mist 2.jpg
    The household member that frequently drinks this wasn't told of the change, and hasn't said anything about it tasting different.

    Thoughts? I wonder why they didn't mentioned it, saying something like "now with less calories".
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    I haven't tried the new version of SM, but I've read a lot of complaints about changing their sweetener on their Facebook page. If they change from HFCS to a blend of sugar and stevia, that one thing. But to switch from real sugar to a blend of sugar and stevia, people are bound to notice and complain and Sierra Mist might end up shooting its self in the foot with this sweetener change.

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