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    Question Relaxation drinks

    Hi all,
    I am new here and had a question about some of the relaxation drinks.
    I tried searching but no luck.
    (Please note I am not talking about any of the illegal drug drinks with the same name.)

    Around 2009 or 2010 the Mobile store down the road from me had a new drink called
    “Drank: Slow your roll.” This drink was awesome and helped me fall asleep at night.
    This was great because I have high anxiety which would keep me up.
    Well a year or so passed by and I noticed they stopped carrying these drinks.
    I asked why and one of the workers told me that the local mothers were upset by the name so they removed the product.
    I checked online and Amazon had a 8 packs but it’s like $50… I noticed the official site for Drank is gone as well now. I read that the head of Drank left and now has a drink called “Lean Slow Motion Potion” again though on Amazon its $50 for a 24 pack…
    Lastly I found this drink called “Purple stuff” which has the fair price of $25.18

    my main question is has anyone tried all these drinks?
    Do they all pretty much taste and make you feel the same?

    Is it true that Lean is basically drank? - purple stuff - lean - drank
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    I liked Drank as well. It had a pleasant taste and it worked. I think it is the name that did it in - it was associated with something negative.

    I have not had Purple Stuff or Lean, so I can't compare those two. I have had Neuro Sleep, which is pretty good. Though I don't care for the mango flavor, I think the tangerine is much better.

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