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    Default Mello Yello's 2010 unsuccessful relaunch / rebranding has led to Surge

    When Vault was introduced, I became an avid Vault fan and drank it almost everyday for years. I wanted Vault to succeed but at the same time knew that as long as Vault was available, Surge wouldn't be coming back. Eventually, Vault was discontinued and instead of being upset, I was hopeful about Surge returning. Then Coke tries to relaunch Mello Yello nationwide in 2010, and it was another setback for Surge. Fast forward to 2014 after Mello Yello's unsuccessful rebranding, coke is back to the drawing board. Do they spend millions trying to build brand recognition and introduce yet another citrus soda that will ultimately be discontinued after 5 years? Or do they look at the fact that over 150,000 people actually WANT surge back instead of bothering with introducing a new citrus brand that nobody wanted or asked for? I believe Surge has been on Coke's mind for some time while figuring out what to do about their place in the citrus market share. I think Coke knows they have a better chance at success by bringing back Surge vs sticking with Mello Yello (a brand that will NEVER be a great national seller and will only sell well in the regions that actually want it) and vs creating a new brand that will ultimately waste time & money and be discontinued in a few years anyway. Mello Yello has such a disgusting synthetic taste to it and tastes overly sugared IMO, and only tastes tolerable from a 20 oz.

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