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    Default Road trip - southern Delaware

    Just got back from going downstate. Pepsi in central/southern Delaware is Pepsi Bottling Ventures, based out of Salisbury MD. It was originally a family franchise that sold out probably 10-15 years ago.

    Squirt and Diet Squirt were nowhere to be found. It had been a while since I had been downstate, but I remember 12 packs being plentiful. They came out full force with all packages, but guess it didn't catch on.

    Diet Cheerwine is completely gone. Cheerwine only lives on in 12 pack cans. Again, guess it didn't catch on.

    They still have Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. It's actually owned by Honickman, who owns the Canada Dry franchises around here. They actually used to have more DPSG-related brands. I clearly remember seeing Country Time Lemonade in cubes back before they were bought out by PBV.

    They carry a lemonade/light lemonade/orangeade brand called Nature's Twist. Walmart had 20oz for $1. The address for Nature's Twist is the same address as PBV's in Raleigh NC, so it sounds like they created a subsidiary to market their own brands, like Coke Consolidated and BYB Brands (Tum-E Yummies).

    Coke is CCR and Canada Dry is Honickman, so nothing unusual from them that I don't see up this way. Though I did see that Skinny Water (that stuff is still around?) is getting new bottles.

    I did stop at a store that is part grocery store, part deli, part bakery, part farm stand and part nursery called Willey Farms in Townsend DE. They had bacon and PB&J from a brand called Lester's Fixins.

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    Squirt is still live and well in Louisiana, but 20 oz have been getting harder to find. 12 packs & 2 Liter are plentiful.

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    Nature's Twist seems to have been picked up by the Pepsi distributor in central NC (as a replacement for Tropicana, perhaps?). Along the NC coast and in the mountains, they've picked up TruAde (in various flavors and some sugar-free versions).

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