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    Default Ranking the Cherry Sodas


    I think I might have done a similar post several years back but it's time for an update. As you've no doubt gathered by reading my posts through the years, my favorite flavor is Cherry. Not Black Cherry, not Cherry Cola, not Cherry Lime or Cherry Cream. Just plain old cherry soda and it's difficult to find. Here's my rankings as to the cherry sodas I've tried in my lifetime.

    1. Fanta Cherry - it came out last summer at Walmarts only then disappeared Jan 1 but now it's back. Simply the best drink I've ever had. Bursting with cherry flavor and highly carbonated. The fact it comes in cans gives it the number one slot for me.

    2. Jones Cherry - According to Jones website, they've retired Cherry Jones. Brilliant move guys. But go ahead and keep pushing that sour green apple and other garbage you guys put out. Nice. Had Jones Cherry been in cans it would've been number 1 for me. Unbelievable maraschino cherry flavor that tickled the taste buds unlike any other. Rest in Peace.

    3. Jolly Rancher Cherry Soda - Much like the Jones Cherry, this drink is also a Maraschino Cherry lovers dream come true. I've only seen it in plastic 20 oz bottles which is still good but to win the top prize on my poll, you've got to be in cans.

    4. Regent Cherry - About 15 years ago on one of my road trips, I stopped into Grocery Outlet and found two 20 oz. plastic bottles of something called Regent Cherry Soda. Of course I bought them both and I was stunned of how great it was. It had a massive cherry flavor and was just awesome. It would likely be higher on my list if it was a regular drink to buy at the grocery store but I only got to drink those two and never seen it again.

    5. Minute Maid Cherry Soda - There used to be a place called Coney Island Hotdogs around here that had this drink in the fountain. It was pretty good but hard to judge out of the fountain because of calibration issues. I'm not sure if it ever was in cans or not but I loved Minute Maid Sodas, especially the Fruit Punch.

    6. Cherikee Red Soda - I bought a six pack from Soda Finder years ago and enjoyed it but I don't remember it all that well, so that tells me it didn't leave enough of an impression on me to put it higher. Or maybe I just felt like I got bent over because of the ridiculous price I paid for it on that site.

    7. Cherry Crush - This was the most anticipated soda ever for me as I spent years looking for it and then celebrated with great joy when it went national. After having one today for the first time in a couple years, I can safely say it remains the most disappointing soda ever for me. Not that it's bad, it just isn't that good. I still say that if I had never had this drink and you gave me a blindfolded taste test to name the flavor, I'd never guess it was a cherry drink. I don't know how I'd classify it, but definitely not cherry. I guess at the very first taste you can detect a hint of cherry but that's about it. We don't have it anywhere in California anymore and it's not a drink I'd go chasing after anymore.

    8. Filberts Cherry Soda - Like all Filberts Soda, it sucks to high heaven. Zero flavor, low carbonation, rancid after taste Just horrible.

    That's about all I've tried though after a Bing Image search of "Cherry Soda" I see there's tons more. I really want to try to the Jelly Belly Very Cherry, Foxon Park Cherry Soda, Baumeister Cherry Soda, and DEFINITELY Red Ribbon Cherry Soda! I've heard Red Ribbon is the cherriest of all cherry sodas. mmmmm

    I know Cheerwine is considered a cherry soda but I don't recognize it as one. I like Cheerwine, and especially the Diet Cheerwine but I just don't taste a cherry flavor there. It tastes kind of like the old Red Fusion Soda though not nearly as good.

    As far as cherry blends go, I love Stewarts Cherries and Cream, Sunkist Cherry Limeade, Diet Cherry Pepsi, and Stewarts and Shasta Blackcherry.

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