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    Today at Walmart Neighborhood Market in Fresno, I noticed that Welch's Grape and Strawberry were here again. I was shocked to see them since it's been years since I had seen Welch's. I thought Welch Soda was scrapped after the Sunkist grape and strawberry went national. Guess I was wrong. I always liked Welch soda but as is always the case, here we are again with the same old boring flavors. I remember we used to get the Welch's Sparkling Fruit Punch Soda here for a while and it was absolutely delicious. Glad to see the Welch brand is still around though. And yes, I wish their was a Welch's Cherry Soda!!

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    I think Cott is bottling the Welch's along with the Sam's Choice soda.\

    I think there was a period of time where you couldn't get Welch's due to the Sunkist thing, but then Welch's probably signed some sort of contract with Walmart to keep producing it. I had originally thought that Welch's decided to get out of the soda business, but it turns out that I was wrong.

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    I remember Welch's Grape and Strawberry used to be everywhere here, then they switched them for Sunkist Strawberry and Grape a few years back. Very few times I also saw Welch's Pineapple in 20 oz bottles. Sunkist and Crush Grape and Strawberry flavors don't hold a candle to Welch's. Last summer I saw street vendors in NYC selling Welch's Grape in cans, so I knew it still existed somewhere.

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